Legal clerks, analysts, judges, attorneys, news anchors, reporters, crime drama TV producers (don’t forget the actors, writers, technicians, and media companies), writers of most genres, prison guards, correctional administration, prison based “non profits” (quotations used because the wages, bonuses, and gratuities paid to the upper admins of such places, like Correctional Industries, are no doubt not aimed at helping rehabilitate inmates), prison material and equipment suppliers, security and surveillance companies, drug manufacturers, and could go on and on. Let’s not forget the most important one though, stock holders of these companies in the prison industry who have created a demand for people to be numbered and held to line their filthy pockets.

All of these professions listed, and a fraction of the exhaustive list, are at least partially dependent on someone being victimized. Television shows like Law and Order, CSI, Killer Couples, Snapped, Gangland and the broadcast companies who air them all profit off of someone else’s victimization. 

Violence has been become an economic commodity that America is unknowingly dependent on for financial stability. Think about what would happen if all forms of violence suddenly ended. It wouldn’t take long before massive law enforcement layoffs began and then attorneys would be without jobs shortly after except for a few to do basic civil actions like contract and will advice etc. Where would all those other people work? Prisons would begin to shut down with massive layoffs, lives would be ruined as loans became burdensome and unemployment payouts would cripple the government. All this is just the surface impact. 

Then there is the financial impact on our Municipal, State, and Federal government. All of whom are 100% dependent on criminal fines. Without that vast revenue supply our Government would go bankrupt and what happens when politicians run out of money? 

This is not a round about way of saying America needs people to be victimized and inmates should be somehow appreciated. What I’m saying is Americans need to begin considering how to eliminate this dependency. Without the victimization of one another our government will increase “crimes” against the entity of the government to maintain that revenue stream they need to operate this countries current system. 

Our government is suppose to be doing the best thing to increase our quality of life, the right to pursue happiness, and freedom and equality for all persons regardless of birthplace, race, gender, religious practises, or income level. Instead of investing in low-income areas and supplying desperately needed quality higher and even basic education they allow the area to devolve through the constriction of commerce, industrial employment, and community organization funding. Its no secret that uneducated, oppressed, poor societies will have an extremely difficult time navigating the complex hierarchical social system of the educated, free, rich areas. 

How can you possibly expect someone who has never had long term interaction with successful businesses and educated communities to be able to follow that model? Its utterly absurd to be that blind to this reality. 

My goal is to end victimization globally. I have been called stupid, told “its not possible,” “Your wasting everyone’s time, you can’t change people” “People are born bad” “People choose to hurt others, they had a choice to be better, look at other people who have made it from the same neighborhood”

I’ve even had my own doubts. Doubts which I must confront each and every morning. Like how can expect to change the world when I’m a convicted sex offender? How can I be taken seriously as a leader, advocate, and activist of change when my only credentials are societal black eyes and 30+ years of terrible actions and whole communities damaged by my selfishness? 

Change is completely possible. I know for a fact it is. Its not an opinion but un-contestable fact that change occurs. Why then do we maintain the ridiculous notion that we are not in control of most of the change that occurs. Tell that to civil rights leaders or this countries original occupants. 

We must demand the complete end to victimization with a unified voice. Actors and broadcast companies must refuse to participate in the creation and re-creation of someone being victimized. Stockholders of companies who support the prison industry must stop investing and in the enslavement of humans through “criminalization” and we as citizens must become apart of one another’s lives so that we can supply help to where its needed and feel comfortable accepting it. Because we all help or you hurt. There is no neutrality here. If you stay in your bubble and mind your own, your hurting us all, including yourself. 

“America” may not be ready for victimlessness. But Americans are. Without people, there is no America. People are hearts, Governments are nothing without heart. 

Beat your heart America and change will happen.

By Jeff