This all started with a book…

It’s Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 and I have 42 days and a wake up left of my 140 month to Life prison sentence. I had too much caffeine and I am restless so I spent the morning on the phone setting up my mind to wrap around freedom. Anyone who knows me knows that I love strategy as a subject. So, I had my girlfriend jump onto and do a job search for Strategist, just to see what pops up.

Let’s go back to the book. The book I was reading is called “How Rich People Think” by Steve Siebold and it is a small, but potent, gem that if you apply it’s principles will change your entire life. It’s the type of book that when I read it I get all juiced up and start accomplishing stuff, the kind of book I can’t read when I need to go to bed because it injects my mind with Nitrous Oxide. The main theme, if I could summarize, is learning to solve a problem that you love solving and you’ll get paid for it. I love strategy, I love goal setting, and I love leadership. If I could do those things everyday, I’m not sure it’d be fair for others because I’d be so happy I’d never work!

So I had my girlfriend search Indeed for Strategist when the title “Educational Strategist” for Intentional Future’s Consulting pops up in Seattle. Me, not knowing that strategic thinking is an actual job, see’s this, gets it read over the phone to me and every step of the way I see that I am highly qualified for this position, it’s near me, and I get out in 42 days and a wakeup!!!!

If you or anyone you know has any way to help me apply for this job with this company, I need to do it. I was put on this Earth to work for Intentional Futures as a strategist that helps others realize their dreams. I have to have it. I am an IF’ster!!

Help your girl out!

With Love
Ruth Utnage