Department of Corrections did a litany of tests on me last night, they actually came in the middle of the night, strapped me down in that strange chair with the seatbelts. Yeah, the one you see in movies with a man/monster strapped down, screaming, eyes bulging, foaming from the mouth, trying like hell to bite the authorities. The men/women dressed in doctor smocks, kept yelling ” Whaaaaats Wrong With You Mr. Byers” over an over again as they rapidly wheeled me to the infirmary. I tried speaking, but all I could get out was a low muffed murmur before they shouted “It was a rhetorical question you freak of nature”.

I put forth no struggle being lifted out of the chair onto to the cold operating table. Body restrained, bright lights, overpowering rubbery smell of latex gloves, and a sharp poke in the right arm that made me very sleepy, yet coherent. I laid flat on my back listening…

Voices, men and women talking over one another. Confusion, astonishment, anger and hostility in their tone peering down at me.

“This is the face of freedom, a visage liberation. Notice the softness, the outward expression of mindfulness that portrays adaptability and intelligence in deep and meaningful ways. There is nothing hard or severe here, even the eyes are polite, softly closed, upper lids resting on lower. No hard borders or limits, no ugliness, no harshness, captive to nothing, simple beauty, a face of liberation. See the fearlessness on display here, look closely, no angst, no worry, no anxiety, no complication. This is a face that reveals a mind that is unbound, freed from the causes of suffering”.

“Mr. Byers face reflects a mind that embodies no confusion or tumult, no turbulence or upset, it is clarity and confidence, a face lovely in its strength, manifesting from a mind of unfettered ability and scope. This is a man with a mind in which generosity and patience, ethical intentions, enthusiasm and joy in the presence and accomplishments of others work in exponential partnership, a mind that is meditatively rich and razor sharp”.

“And then there is that little smile. It is the smile of a man who is keenly aware of the unlimited opportunities we all share in, opportunities to create moments and events that are truly beneficial and meaningful to and for all those whose path we cross. It is a smile reflecting the joyous responsibility of doing so. It is the smile of one who has outflanked the bondage of narrow-minded perspectives and conditioning, free from the self-obsessive complications and behaviors that limit and maim so many of us”.

“How on earth can this incarcerated individual be so damn happy? Inconceivable! Let’s cut him open. With just a tiny cotton swab of this majestic DNA, we could cure all depression. Yes! Yes! let’s start with ourselves”.

“Scalpel,,,,,,,,right away nurse Ratchet”.

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