Losing yourself is easy to do when you don’t like yourself. Like a toy you once had to have it loses its allure and eventually becomes yard art. You get tired of looking at it and dealing with it, handling it. Then it just gets on your nerves when you look at it.
Unlike toys, we can’t just leave ourselves in the mud. Instead our allure gets lost long ago and it seems that only made in Hollywood tales and celebrities get to keep their allure, their happy, so to speak. When we do something we regret we downward spiral, using drugs or a ” devil may care” attitude.
I’m not going to harp on bad habits though. My intention is to inspire an awakening inside of you.
Once you were a child and you dreamt, in color. You had ridiculous plans that you knew you could accomplish. Then you aged a little and what happened? Reality? Don’t feed me your excuses. People all over the world change careers to do what they love all the time. What’s better, to live unhappily with expected security, or to be happy and completely sure your doing what you love? Think about that.
Losing yourself is easy its finding yourself and then accepting what you find that’s hard. You don’t take a cook and make that cook be a cabinet maker. He’s a cook. He loves food and preparing food and serving food. He could care less about wood. Unless its being used to cook. Can he burn the furniture when its done? I say that to say this: if your not happy being a bank teller then, sweetie, switch. If you want to be a bank manager but have to start as a teller, then you better be the best bank teller on the planet. But if your dream is to sell art, but your currently a loan officer…what the heck are you doing? There is people out there that are just designed to be loan officers. Like your built to sell art. If you don’t know what you love yet, maybe your 40, guess what, you got plenty of time to figure it out. Experience life, go do things. Put the weed down, piss on the alcohol, use your money to find what you love. Always wanted to be a chef? Pay for a few culinary classes online or through some night kitchen or through the local college. What do you have to lose? Your kids may miss you for those precious hours but when their 25 and. completely happy with their career because their parent(s) had the courage to pursue theirs when they were seven… what better lesson can a parent teach their child then the way to happiness?

With Love
Jeff Utnage

Go ahead and dream, and dream big, bigger then you think your capable of. Then dream a little bigger. You have at least one fan, me. Don’t think anyone cares about your accomplishments, well I do, I live to hear your accomplishments!