Impossible is something that cannot be done. Like putting the universe on the head of a needle or fitting 1,000,000 people into a single phone booth of normal size. Impossible.

Impossible, like a large mass of rock mysteriously holding water upside down while spinning around a giant orb of fire all the while staying on a very thin line. Impossible like sling-shotting around the moon in a tube of metals and plastics and making it back to Earth safely. Impossible.

Impossible like surviving a jump from Niagara Falls or a mother lifting a truck from off her trapped child. Impossible like a women living with gorillas or a straight man falling in love with a women who was born with male genitalia. All of which is Impossible.

Impossible like one person changing the world or a simple speech impacting people 200 years later. Impossible like two-ton stones in the desert stacked high with big expansive rooms built within. Impossible like people travelling through the air at 500 miles per hour or sitting in a carbon fiber shell travelling 60 miles per hour on land. Yeah, impossible.

Impossible like conversations taking place from opposite ends of the earth instantaneously. Impossible like that?

I’m possible. Your possible. This is not meant to simply be read and forgotten. This serves as a reminder of a time in all our lives when we were going to do something great in our lives. 

Impossible is not just a word, it is a medical condition that needs to be cured. It is a disease and a form of oppression perpetuated by those who tried something and failed. Cured by perseverance and independence and those that dared to try anyway. Cured by defiance. 

When someone tells you that your goal is impossible and to be more realistic, remind yourself that its only impossible for those that did not act defiantly.

Spread hope. Nothing is impossible.

With Love