I got to thinking about an image I seen a few years back from the Hubble telescopes camera. It was a beautiful scene that scientists speculate was the beginnings of a structural formation, I think it was called “Pillars of God” ( I could be wrong on the name, if you know, please correct me!).

Then I heard that because it is so far away and the speed of light can only send the image at around 186,000 mph, it has taken millions of years to get to us. If we seen that same spot in space today, the image would be gone.

Imagine this:

You can travel at the speed of light. Let’s say we decide to travel directly at that image, at the speed of light, the same speed at which the image is travelling towards us. Would we see the image like a DVD fast-forwarding? We would see it speed up its process and we would get to see millions of years of evolution, or history, in real time.

The Universe’s movie recorder, time.

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