No, really, I’m actually asking for this. This is something I wrestle with constantly in my mind. I have written letter after letter, request after request and it is so disheartening to be ignored continuously. 

The last response I got I had to ask for. “Hey, this is a letter to ask you to respond to my last letter.” Sound pathetic? Well, because it is.

I am in prison. Not dead. I have committed a crime, developed compassion and empathy, instituted cognitive change within. It doesn’t mean I’m without feelings. 

Seriously, I have them. I know, shocker. Its one thing to send a few letters and not get a response. Its something entirely to send letters for several years and still not get a response. I don’t know if I should finally call myself foolish and just give up or call myself tenacious and write more. Strange crossroads I’m at today.

I know I’m easy to ignore. I’m not right in front of you, I’m a criminal to boot. In prison, no less. Shunning can be justified using such language. 

What do I have to do to get you to talk to me?
Its not a statement, its a question.

With Love