I often compare notes with my fellow writers and as I’ve written here, I have discovered a few new things that I get excited about in content and style. However, as I’ve listened to, specifically, Ruth and Marshall, I grow a little self conscious of something I’m finding in my own approach. I’m becoming critical of my own sense of creativity. I, like my friends that write here, am a Toastmaster and we are into public speaking, to include speech writing. I can tell a story, but how good am I at descriptions? How creative am I at painting the image in your mind? Do I invoke emotion to the reader? And most important to me, is my topic relatable, or even relevant, to the audience? Do I deliver a creative message? Is it of substance enough that I’m not wasting your time to read?

After a decade as a sergeant in the US Army and careers in both logistics and medicine, I’m a pretty informational, technical guy. I think so anyway. I’ve done lots of instructional work. Give me a topic and direction and I can make it known, like lessons in class. Make me develop the topic, allow me to establish the direction and why it matters, and I feel I fall a little flat. I know that I could paint the image of hiking in the woods or invoke the feeling of empathy to a situation, I’m just not quick to think of the topic, how it applies or why to make it matter to you. This makes me critical of my creativity. But, because I have wonderful and supportive colleagues and friends, they just say to put the ideas in writing. It’ll connect to someone, somehow. So let this be a lesson to all of us… just get the thoughts out. And make sure you know supportive people!

by Rory Andes

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