How can a prisoner ask what you’re doing with your life? Easy, I’m in a place where I see people with zero drive, no gumption to do anything other than the minimal and its so normal and expected that I’m the weird one because I get up before 6 a.m., without problem.

It’s strange to me that its hard to find a cellmate that is responsible enough and/or has things to look forward to and gets up before noon. Half this prison only gets excited when Saturday night cartoons come on or the Seahawks are playing, other than that I’m wondering where their lethargy comes from. At one point I asked staff if they were drugging these guys, and I’m still convinced something weird is happening because there are so many absolutely misguided lazy-a***s that I have to wonder…WTF?

It feels like I’m the only one in my unit with goals or the drive to do anything other than slap cards, play video games, or whine about the unfairness of “the system”.

Please tell me this isn’t a reflection of our society, please tell me you, as free people are not this insanely lethargic. If you are, please, please get ahold of me so I can help you find a zeal for life and your future, let’s get you excited! If you are already excited, holla at your girl!

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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