Believe what the masses believe, otherwise you’ll not be accepted. I’ve fell into that my whole life. The media displays an opinion and calls it mass representation of public opinion, because you-can’t-put-anything-on-TV-that-isn’t-true.

As if there is two factions fighting for American rights, right now. Actually, I think there is two factions, fighting with each other and in order to survive and continue their ridiculous feud they need us, the citizens, to choose a side. We have become mediators for the children we’ve allowed to represent us to the world.

One side wants to end capitalism, opportunity to rise above the poverty level. Basically, anything you make above someone else then makes it unfair and then ethically wrong. The other side is desperately holding on to their right to hate. I don’t like either side and when the hell did we become a country of extremists?

From my point of view one side may as well start sending suicide bombers to the other because they are literally one step below ISIS or All Queda as far as media rhetoric and extremism is concerned. Forcing people to toe a line that doesn’t exist until some group of extremists comes along and draws it, making it exist.

Now the heart of the matter. As a trans person I’m supposed to believe certain things, feel certain ways. Embrace Liberalism, hate Republicans, support Trump impeachment and be enraged everyday he’s still in office, support socialist ideals and yadda yadda yadda.

But I have a brain, that’s the problem with intelligence and, quite frankly, with being ostracized from a community, you get to get a better view of the melee. I don’t like the idea that the financial legacy I leave for my children is going to be given to someone who spends their life in a state of victim hood, whining about how the world hates them. I don’t care if Trump gets impeached or not, actually, that’s not true, I care because if I get out under a Trump office the economy remains stable and I get a job, where I can support myself and contribute successfully to the community. But besides that, I don’t really give a shit, I do know that I don’t appreciate that my sisters are being murdered on the daily, my children are living in rat infested foster homes, and the country is literally screaming for rehabilitation reform of prisoners and opioid control…all this while our “representation” is busy slinging mud during business hours. Want to know where I really fall in?

Here’s a quotable: they can all piss right off.

Trump gives me stability, Democrats give me the ability to exist. Pence pisses me off, mainly because he exists and I believe he’s the damned anti-christ. I don’t see how hand guns lend themselves to hunting or how an AK-47 should exist since its sole purpose is to hunt humans.

I don’t know…maybe I’m just that disconnected. Either way…

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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