I’m a conservative and it’s a place where my faith, humanity and worldviews stem from. But something occurred to me during the election chaos that some Republicans are going through and it’s really under my skin… Make sure you complain about everything you find unjust. Don’t just complain over perceived fairness about an election and leave other, far deeper issues out. Here’s what I mean…

For those that feel their vote was discredited and lawlessly devalued, imagine the guy sitting on death row who is stone cold innocent, forgotten by a system that didn’t care to get it right. If you think that an injustice was done to your voting voice, picture the guy losing his life because of errors in the systems we use as law, a system Republicans have no problem backing. I agree that voting is a fundamental element of democracy and the progress of our country and it needs to be transparent and fair. But the need for fairness extends to ending state sanctioned murder, also. So, for those conservatives that are pissed beyond belief over an election, I’d kindly ask you to also include ending the use of flawed death penalty laws in your rage as well. Unless of course you believe justice is ok with “irregularities”, but just not for the way they exist in your voting…

by Rory Andes

Just think about how you apply your indignation…

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