Sounds strange that an inmate would even consider building a prison, but, if I had the money it’s the first thing I would do.

Since it would be privately run I would do screenings before people came in from the states. I would screen for gang involvement, I would screen for LGBT status and oh yeah, it would be a safe haven for LGBT people. In fact, that would be my target population…that and gang drop outs.

The staff would have to be heavily involved with the inmate programs. In fact, it would be required of them as apart of their job. If you worked for my prison, it also meant you worked with the inmates as far more than a key ring and a can of mace. 
We would do programming that worked. Which is usually inmate created and driven. We would have education, not just partial, but actual college education. You could learn dance and singing lessons would be taught by outside volunteers. Oh yeah, we would go and seek public interactions, keep the public involved with what we did, foster their ideas and assist with bringing them into the prison as people who can help, not just wish they could.

We would have real counseling for LGBT people. Relationships would be allowed and it would be a focal point of the prison to educate the population on healthy relationships, what they meant, what is involved. How to break up and remain civil. Yeah, we would help with that, not make them feel as if being gay is a criminal offense, which is what it is in DOC…

We would have cognitive programs that helped in changing people to become real people who can really contribute positively to society again. Oh and one more thing…everyone would learn a trade, everyone. From an actual company, who actually wants great employees with real dedication. We wouldn’t fight companies who wanted to hire people from within the system, instead we would foster that relationship and help the inmate develop real job skills, real education.

If I had the money, I would build a prison. A prison system that would revolutionize the prison industry and cripple the cash flow into these places…because I would help the people, not enable them to become better gangsters.

What do you think?

With Love
Jeff Utnage