There are going to be times where people use you, manipulate you, bully you, make you angry or hurt deep inside. People will hold things over your head and remind you of everything you once were and definitely everything your not. They will cut you off and cut in front of you, some will get special attention, some will even get rewarded when they just did not deserve it. All of this and more will happen to you in normal, everyday life.

I want you to know it is okay to forgive them, it is also okay to feel upset, or whatever you actually feel, it is okay to feel that way. Most importantly, I wanted you to know that this is all temporary and the more you keep your cool, the more you do what is right, what is humane, what actually benefits people (even the mean ones, especially the mean ones), the more people will look up to you.

An enemy serves you no purpose. Once someone is your enemy, they have exhausted their full use and must be discarded. Refuse, I repeat, refuse to have enemies. This above all else.

Sometimes in submission we find and harness our most powerful, poignant, and stable selves.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”