I met my now ex-wife in juvenile hall. We were teens and the Port Orchard juvenile center had 4 pods one was for young women, the rest for young men. We interacted with the opposite genders in school and NA.

One night at NA this black girl with long black kinky hair kept staring at me, but I didn’t pay her no mind. I wasn’t all that interested in girls and besides, she was black. I had been taught by all the men growing up that interracial anything was forbidden. It didn’t stop her though, she stole a paperclip which forced all of us to get patted down in the hallway. The officers had us all line up and put our palms on the wall and spread our feet, next to me this obnoxious girl smiled broadly to reveal a paperclip between her teeth before she spit it in front of me and said “You’re cute”.

To which I replied “You’re black”.

She just giggled “Actually I’m only partially black, I’m also white and Alaskan native”.

We got marched back to our pods and the next few days I noticed her staring and waving at me from her pod. Everyone just assumed we were dating. Even the officers. Eventually she left and somehow got my number. When I got out a few weeks later she had already been blowing up our house phone, back when the only people who had cell phones were super rich people and rappers, which we were neither.

It took her about 10 months of calling me daily before I agreed to go out with her the first time.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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