In Washington prisons it is illegal to have a romantic relationship with other inmates. I have been a VERY good girl since I have been locked up. I have earned my reputation as an ice queen.

In my defense I haven’t been mean to the guys who hit on me, I have been as abrupt as necessary to make it clear I am off limits permanently. This is for my best interest so I don’t get into needless trouble for being in a relationship with another inmate, not because I enjoy rejecting. But if you don’t tell a guy no firmly its an invite to keep trying and since I am living in a sea of these woman-deprived horn bags I have to be sort of icy about it. So I have earned my reputation, I just didn’t enjoy doing it.

But here I am 8 years into my sentence with about 2.5 years left and that itch is returning, I want to fall in love again, or at least be open to it. I want to get to know someone or someones (I am open to polyamory, NOT POLYGAMY!). I am at a point where I am wanting to let down my walls and share myself with someone(s).

Any suggestions on who might want to get to know a trans woman?

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage