Our prison just started offering Associates Degrees from Edmonds Community College. It will be a degree in Business Management. It is full time, 30 hrs a week plus independent studies outside of the classroom. 

I am so excited to do this, problem is, I cannot get a job while I go through school because of how things are set up here. I still need to be able to buy a few things. Hygiene, because your boy has long hair the indigent soap (the soap the state will debt to us) does not work y’all, besides that, they don’t offer conditioner unless you purchase it. My need is this, while I go through school is there anyone who can help with a few things here and there, maybe $20/month? My family is very supportive but is unable to financially support me while I get a college education. I would like to buy email stamps so I can continue to write my support network and contribute to lgbtqprisonsupport.com, which is very therapeutic for me.

I need help. If there is anyone who is in a position to assist me while I get educated, I’d appreciate it! I am holding a 4.0 GPA, my current classes are Accounting 101, BSTEC 110, & MGMT100. I have to say that accounting is by far my favorite subject! I could genuinely use some assistance. It is easy to do, not much to it. 

Contact me! Address below:

Jeff Utnage 823469 D-610-1
Monroe Correction Center – Twin Rivers Unit
PO Box 888
Monroe, WA 98272

If you read this often than you know this is unusual, as I try to be self-sufficient, however, its not possible at the moment. Worst case scenario I have to quit school to take a job, which I am happy to do. But if I get an education now, my job options go way up upon release, which I need. I am trying to improve myself here and a little help is needed.