My name is officially and legally Renee Permenter!! I am SSSSOOOOOO excited!! I literally want to give the world a high 5. I have been hard pressed to think this would ever happen to me. I am eager to continue this feeling in the “free world”. I am sure there are other individuals whom know what this feels like, but none the less, I feel a huge need to share this with the world. 
So this makes my 4th birthday I get to celebrate in a year. LOL. The first one is the day I got arrested, which marked the changing of my life for the better. September 29, 2009. The second is the day I made the decision to come out as a trans woman. January 1, 2016. The third is the day I started femenizing hormones. April 15, 2018. And the fourth is the day my name was legally changed to Renee Permenter. August 28, 2019.


CONTACT ME AT: (DOC doesnt recognize the new name. Thats why the name here will not change.)

Chris (Renee) Permenter #337691
C- 319-2 
P.O. Box 888
Monroe, WA. 98272


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