I have been looking for a mentor. The options inside prison are desolate, the guys that call themselves mentors here are usually derelict jokes who are so submersed in prison culture they have forgotten basic human principles, right along with the folks who promote them, those who work here.

No thanks.

I want to be in Human Resources, I like Diversity and Inclusion and would very much like to create applications that are proprietary and help streamline and reduce HR outsourcing costs for small and medium-sized businesses.

I am driven and highly motivated. I don’t make excuses and the word impossible is a useless “i” word in my vocabulary.

My challenge is this: Mentor me. Not passively or through one or two emails that are so sparsed out I barely remember your name, but directly and legitimately. 

I am a trans-woman with a typically broken past who is currently serving a prison sentence for a sex offense. I release in late 2021. I want you to understand that I am a great student, I’m dedicated, driven, laser-focused on serious life changes. I’ve been at this for nearly 9 years now and have figured so much out…you’re not getting some shattered clay pot that has no use.

I challenge you to mentor me. Will you be human enough to do it?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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