First off, for everyone who reads regularly, thank you, I see you. I also want to apologize for the lapse in posts that happen. Even though I write a post everyday, it sometimes takes a little longer to reach its destination. My family is posting as regularly as is possible for them currently. 
I am currently looking for someone that has time to post regularly for me though. It doesn’t require much, except that you login daily and post daily. That’s it, and send me page stats so I know what’s being looked at and what’s not. 
Btw, I don’t know why I chose that title for the blog post today, it was in my head and now its not. Brain vomit, ugh! 
I found that TV got exciting again because VH1 picked up Rupauls Drag Race All Star 2!!!! I haven’t been able to watch because I don’t have many channels from behind these walls. But I did manage to write RuPaul once from in here and tell the Diva herself how much I wanted to watch her show, she was kind enough to send me a signed picture. Something I cherish. Thanks RuPaul!!! 
I am even more excited because on Sept. 8th on VH1 Lance Bass is hosting “Finding Prince Charming” which is airing on Logo as well. Its a gay dating show. I’ve never seen one and truthfully I think I had glitter coming out of my pores because I was so excited. Even my roommate, who is an old queen himself, was like “uh, what’s wrong with you tonight?” because I was clapping and laughing and hootin and hollerin at my TV as each of the all stars got up there and performed. I was even mimicking the moves.
It was funny because I am around hardened felons all day who are the testosterone filled manly men but as soon as I talk about drag queens their little ears perk up and all of a sudden they are inching closer. They usually make fun of me and do manly things like flex and begin to hawk loogies and talk about fags this and fags that. But it doesn’t stop them from listening. LOL! 
That’s all for today.

I am trying to keep things consistent, I could use some help with that though, if anyone is interested, email me!

With Love
Jeff Utnage