At work, we have a department that makes socks for all the state’s prisons and other state agencies. The department consists of four operators and four Lonati Italian sock producing machines. Once trained on these complex machines, an opererator can make a great wage in the free world. And these machines are amazing. Hundreds of needles weaving socks at lightning speed, moving parts by the thousands, electronics and interfaces, and yarn by the mile. My god, it’s complex.

As these machines are strung up using multiple spools, it hangs up high to feed in to the gremlins that I assume do magic to make socks. And in the process, sensors track everything. When a string breaks, it tells you. And because the top of the machine is tall, like a tree, when this happens, you need tools to reset or restring it. Long poles extend seven feet to reach the troubled spots.

My friend Kyle is six-foot-four and two hundred, seventy pounds. A giant. And when he became frustrated with the tedious process of restring his machine using the extended poles, it was suggested to him to just stand on his toes. His reply was priceless… “Wow, I Forgot I Had Tippy Toes!” It was such a forgotten skill to stand on his toes that he had to voice it. How many years has it been? He’s been here for thirty years and nothing has ever been too tall or high up to reach. The innocence of hearing this giant sound elated about rediscovering his toes, was priceless. One day, he’ll rediscover his life as a free person. If his toes were such a surprise, I can’t wait for him see the world.

by Rory Andes

Rediscovering is amazing. Growth inspires the HumanMe…

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