Last night while my mind was left unattended,
While my body repaired itself from the days breaks,
While I tried to make sense of the days problems,
I dreamed of getting mail.

I heard my name get called,
It almost didn’t sound like me,
My heart became a waterfall with no end,
I dreamed of mail.

Little piles of unsorted papers,
I could barely read the printed names,
Then someone handed me four envelopes,
I dreamed of mail.

Three names I didn’t know,
People who reached out to me,
I wondered if they were LGBT,
I dreamed of mail.

I will never know,
I woke up and there was no mail,
Just manifestations of intrinsic desire
I dream of mail.

I used to pray for mail,
A habit I stopped long ago,
Even God couldn’t make people care, so,
I dream of mail.

But it’s only a dream,
Letters I never get to open,
Illegible names on remembered envelopes,
I dream of mail.

by Jeff Utnage