Love is just love. It may have many forms but it is self-explanatory. You know when it is present and when it is gone. You know when you have it and when you do not.

If I told you, a stranger, I loved you. Would you require an answer? Would you demand a qualifier? Would you just simply say “Okay”? 

I hope it is the last. I am free to love whomever I wish and something just occurred to me, just this moment, I do not need you to love me back.

Who am I talking to? You. On your computer, on your phone, on your tablet at home. I am talking to you. All of you. I do not need you to do anything for me to love you genuinely. I just do. Is there anything wrong with that? It is my prerogative to do so, so I shall.

You might think this strange or even a bit maddening. I beg you to look outside your box, you have the same choice to love. We have options when we look at people. We have the choice to care for their well-being or to not. It just occurred to me, why would I ever choose to not care? There is never a good reason for it. Not one, I don’t care what happened. It will never come close to making you happy, not like love. 

I choose to love you, there is nothing you can do about it. Why would I choose another thought about you? I could choose from millions of thoughts, but love is the one I choose.

Just thought you should know.

With Love
Jeff Utnage