Are you the type that goes to work and becomes miserable? If you didn’t particularly care for your job, would it not be more sensible to make the best of it so that you, and everyone else around you weren’t paying the price because of it?
Living in a prison, I’ve seen countless officers come and go. For the most part, they do their job well. There’s a constant factor that every officer has a certain ..thing that bothers them the most. This is good to know, because respecting this one thing goes a long way for most of them. I realize that the corrections officers (c/o’s) are people also. Not “cops” like everyone says.. not pieces of s#it because of their career choice (it’s not actually a bad job!). They’re just people. Unfortunately, they’re subject to the same human flaws as the rest of us. But every once in a while, a c/o comes in and become hyper vigilant.. they nit-pick literally every thing they can find wrong. As a result, they’re always agitated because of it. The energy it takes to be on a constant battle with petty things is tiring to the soul!

Look, let’s be real.. I’m serving 25 years. This is my home for the time being. When some security guard comes into my home and clicks that intercom at every single misplaced breath, you are now doing entirely too much. Might I remind you that this is not maximum security. Most of us have worked our asses off to get here. … Here’s a new concept. Wouldn’t your day be much nicer if you didn’t have to butt heads with people about petty things ALL DAY LONG? If you’re butting heads with us, of course your time at work will suck.. because people will not give you the reactions you wrongly expect. If I’m knocking on my neighbors door to ask him to come to the day room, you don’t have to click that intercom ten times in the process. This is not a threat to the safety and security of the institution. Nobody respects the guy who yells and talks bad to people over the loud speaker.

A suggestion. If an inmate doesn’t listen… yard them in. Maybe write them up. If you do those things, people will stop the behavior you don’t like. But for f#ck’s sake!! Get off the loud speaker! Douche bag. My ears hurt.




























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