HumanMe needs your help, we are committed to raising the voices of those who have chosen to rehabilitate while in any form of incarceration and right now we are looking for writers and readers!

What does it take to be a writer for HumanMe? First and foremost we seek out passion, not perfection. Second, we seek those who rise above the prison yard and have taken their rehabilitation into their own hands. These are individuals who break stereotypes and rise above prison. If you know someone who refuses to succomb to the pressures of playing card games all day, is working toward their own rehabilitation, has sworn off gang stuff, is accepting of all who are doing the same (regardless of race, religion, charges, sexuality or gender)- we want to hear from them! These are the types of voices we believe need to be amplified.

We also need more readers! We appreciate every time you share an article or give us helpful feedback. Our writer’s love to interact and take on projects and prompts. If you ask a question, we do our best to respond. We are hoping to reach a wider audience through greater writer diversity, more public interaction, and opening our platform up to both those who are currently incarcerated and previously incarcerated.

Let me just break something down for you all, speak candidly, if I may. I’ve seen major changes happen in short periods of time and it happens when one person stands up. All of those who study quietly in their cells, who’ve dropped out of their gangs, who order scores of books and have no one to relate to over them. Those who mentor others silently via example and do the right thing even when nobody’s looking. Those who comfort others who are hurting and do their part to include everyone, even the weirdos, even the broken, even those who aren’t “popular” because they know all to well that everyone can have value. *Them*, that’s who we want, that’s who we want to lift up and show to the planet, the MultiVerse and shout “See! Do you see what beauty lies within us? Do you see what redemption sounds like, what it can be!? Accept nothing less from your prison system, demand it! Demand results like *us*”

That’s what we’re trying to do, that’s the message I want to send. If you believe in that, we believe in you and you have a family here. You *and* your supporters.

If this sounds like something you’re into, let’s do something amazing together.

With Love
Ruth Utnage