I have get an extraordinary amount of questions on “What do you want people to know about prison through HumanMe?” and I wanted to take a moment to address this directly because it is vital to get the objective heard and understood.

I have a purpose on this planet, a reason I was created and it is:

As a self-developed being I create healthy communities by educating leadership to recognize, embrace and empower those who have chosen to rehabilitate despite all forms of incarceration.

HumanMe.org assists me in fulfilling that purpose.

Communities are being let down by the criminal justice system and while I do believe in systemic change it is unrealistic to expect it. My experience in this system for nearly a decade, a decade of doing the wrong thing at first to doing exactly what I should be doing, has given me a unique perspective on the incredibly hard work some of us put in to make sure we are leaving this place different and healthy people.

For easy illustrational purposes, 15%-70%-15%. 15% of people in prison will not change because they simply don’t want to, maybe they are damaged, evil, hurting too much or ??, but they are static. 70% of people are going to follow the instruction of whoever is dominate, they are just seeking to get by without being hurt, to not draw any attention negatively or positively and do the bare minimum because they might be unmotivated, scared, or unrealizing, they are for sure voiceless. The last 15% is people who are literally changing prison culture through positive change. The system doesn’t even know how to handle us we are so unique, the option “rehabilitated” doesn’t actually exist in the prison system and we continually press that boundary.

My goal is to give society, you, wherever you are in whatever profession you are in and whatever your beliefs, a benchmark of what rehabilitation is. What does it look like? What do we talk about? What do we do? Who do we associate with and why? And most importantly, what are we willing to do, what lengths are we willing to go, to make sure without a doubt that we are leaving this place as better people ready to impact the community in a positive way that has significance on our community’s crime rates.

I am not here to debate the merits of crimes or sentence lengths, I don’t care about labels of religion, race, sexuality, or gender. We simply want to rehabilitate, go home, and make sure that others get the opportunity to do so without so much damned opposition.

The result of community custody should be healthier humans who are able to reintegrate into society with full functionality and it is my own personal belief it is my civic duty to balance the negative I’ve done with significant positive. I cannot undo my crime, but I can make a difference and because I know I can, it is my duty to act. This is one way in which I am acting.

Please, if you have questions or comments, let us know. Interaction is what’s desired.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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