I had the great pleasure of interviewing a coworker of mine. It has been my experience that she is an individual whom is dedicated to the growth of those around her. I find it interesting how she has asked me about my goals in the past and here we are talking about one of hers. I guess life is full of circles.
I found out KM is an individual who loves to be supportive just as much, if not more, as she is supported. She has a goal to move to the eastern part of the state, and has set her life up to obtain just that. She has gained employment which makes it easy to transfer across the state and maintain the same pay and benefits. She has family support. And she has been saving for the move.
But looking at the whole picture I see that she has also placed herself in this position because she enjoys helping people. I have learned that she may look like an individual who “just” works for DOC, but when you get to know her you see she is much more involved. KM has already, in the 2 months I have been working for CI, encouraged me to push my learning capabilities and I find great value in that.
This goal, of moving to eastern Washington, is important to her because, all said and done, it’s a better environment. There is less traffic and homelessness. Its cleaner, cheaper, more peaceful, and gives a greater sense of security. The people are less greedy. They take care of eachother and support eachother. And I find similarities in that we both value a small town community. We both value a lower cost of living. We both value independence. And, most importantly, we both value family. I guess we humans are more alike than we really give ourselves credit for.
I also learned we think alike when it comes to emotional descriptions. See, most individuals, when asked how they would feel if …., respond with broad terms such as “bad”, “good”, “happy”, and “sad”. KM, like myself, is different. She described falling short of obtaining this goal as unaccoplishing, disappointing, and frustrating. She has been planning this for a long time and she has made most of her long term plans for that area. So to fall short would be disheartening to say the least.
At the end of the day, she is an inspirationalist at heart. She, along with others, have inspired me to continue developing into the woman I was meant to be. I value her as a person and supervisor. And I know throughout her career and life she will change people for the better. I know I have experience a great deal of change myself.


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