I have an interest in Human Resources. I love people and helping them be better for themselves as employees and as employers excites me. 

I want to use these skills for the LGBT community. If you read this frequently, then you know that I want to both end violence/victimization and obtain full equality for the LGBT community globally. Lofty goals, I know. Before anyone tells me why I can’t, know that my limits are set by me, not anyone else. I say I have world changing potential, that’s that.

In the meantime, I feel I can greatly benefit a company cultivate a positive, creative, and diligent workforce while improving the workforces internal locus, cognitive abilities, and overall sense of achievement (which, if you study basic business principles an employee who feels like they achieve their goals in both personal lives and their careers tend to be more productive and higher quality). 

I want to spend the rest of my life improving our communities and that is how I intend to do it. 

Say hello to the worlds next motivator. I won’t settle for anything less than success. 

I could use a little wisdom from those around. LGBT or not, your valuable and I will use the knowledge as a diligent student.

With Love