Rarely do you understand how valuable life is until you have to fight for your own. Sometimes you do not grasp the beauty of a single human existence until it has been stripped from you, until yours has been taken from you. When you fight to keep it, your very humanity and morals, you realize their true value and that is rarely taught to any of us as children, it is a brutal lesson to learn. But I did.

I cannot take back what I did, but I cannot live in a perpetual state of downtrodden belly crawling either. Not after what I have learned. Not everyone who comes to prison learns what I did, things aligned just right, the recipe was correct, so to speak. I am about to begin my life for the first time and what comes next is beautiful.

I hold value, I have purpose and I can help you see your value and find your purpose. Ask yourself this: are you really living, I mean really living your full potential? Is there more you want to do with your life? I help people every day find meaning in their lives, their purpose, their hope. I understand how to take a community and unite them, to motivate one another into real support, real change. In love.

Over the next few years I encourage you to practice some of the things I talk about. See for yourself. I am a very human me. I ask that you humanize me, give me a chance to prove I hold value. But see for yourself.

Challenge for the day: Walk with your head held high, your chin parallel to the ground and make eye contract with those you pass. See how you feel at the end of the day.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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