I am flawed, failed and was forgotten by many, including myself. But that’s been changing for awhile. Its been changing because I embraced my flaws and failures and have take some digging deep to realize I’m not a throw away life like I once thought. Its helped me connect to those who saw themselves the same way and are now rising above it. I’m a person. I have the power to shape a life. My own. Why do I need you to see me as a person? Because I’m greater than my worst decisions and I have a place in your world.

It took some real truth to understand what I did to my family. My kids were stripped of a father. I did that. Whatever guidance I could have given them is lost to pain and disappointment. I hurt over it, too. That was a focal point in rediscovering my humanity, this truth. Its also the reason I need you to see me as a person. I contribute to my world. However small my world is right now, I work my ass off to contribute to it and will continue as my world grows. I have a goal of showing others how to do the same. It became the new standard for me for moving forward. I can’t fix the past. Neither can anyone else. But I can change the future for myself and teach others, too.

I’m not with sympathy. I put myself in prison by not being able to deal with the bullshit life I allowed to swallow me. I didn’t cut ties with toxic situations when I should have or manage myself right in the moment and I own that. I do need you to be empathetic with my progress. I want to be connected with you in it. That connection with people and making their importance powerfully evident in my life is critical. But it only works if I can transcend, with you, these various prisons I subjected myself to. That’s why I need you to see me as a person. I need you to see the human in me.

by Rory Andes

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