I have an entrepreneurial spirit I guess, what’s more is that I have a passion for rehabilitation. In prison I have have been able to codify two categories of people: Rehabilitated (or actively rehabilitating) and convicts. Those that are in the first category do very specific things that easily identify themselves, so do convicts. Each has their own language, so to speak, their own nuances. I have been able to turn this knowledge into a business, Human Me HR Consulting.

I have a love for HR and community building. I think both are very important as is using my prison time to do what I was sent to prison to do, rehabilitate. I don’t believe it is DOC’s responsibility to “whip” me into shape and be “tough on crime”. I believe the responsibility is on the individual incarcerated to take advantage of the help offered.

I am motivated to atone for what I have done. That’s not entirely possible, I get that. I cannot “make everything better”, what I can do is two things one, make sure I am not a threat to anyone by actively changing and addressing my previous problems with honesty and hard-work and two, do everything within my power to prevent other people from victimizing our community.

This is where Human Me enters. Human Me is a company dedicated to teaching small businesses how to screen post-incarcerated candidates for “rehabilitated” or “convict”. This is something I can do with accuracy during an interview and teach companies how to find folks who are not a risk to their businesses all while leveraging a major competitive advantage against their competitors, a more loyal workforce with a higher ROI on human capital investments.

In short, I am telling you I can identity who is rehabilitated and who is not and I can do this accurately based on a candidates answers to a series of questions. Going back to the language reference above, each speaks a language that is offensive to the other. Its like southern accents, to someone from Washington, all southern accents sound similar and one cannot determine what state or county one is from based on accent. But someone from the south can easily pick what area or region someone is based on the nuances of an accent, because they are well-informed and trained through life experience. Well, my life has depended on, literally, finding people who are no longer willing to victimize other human beings. Furthermore, who is rehabilitated because I needed to learn how to be a better person. It just so happens I found such people and have become very good at zeroing in on them because the language they speak is highly unique. I can prove it and I can teach it. Together we can encourage others to make the same changes in our nations prisoners by offering opportunities to those who go through such intensive changes and learn the language of humility and personal change. Its really quite remarkable and I’d like to share it with the world.

That’s my business concept. I am searching for a Board of Advisers currently and thinking about what type of business structure is best suited, I am considering a Social Purpose Corporation and using profits to support prisoner led rehabilitation programs (because they are extremely effective, only inmates know how to reach inmates). But I am in need of mentor ship and guidance.

If you know of anyone who believes in me, I could sure use the advice. Please respond. If you would like to know more or see the business plan, please respond by writing to me. Contact info below, as always!

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