Walking down the aisle with cap and gown, oh and don’t forget the extra gold tassel and sash that reads “PHI THETA KAPPA SOCIETY” I think I floated the whole way to my seat. The day was perfect. Front row, end chair, program in hand, excited to the max reading Marshall Byers as one of the student speakers (The Closer). I stopped fighting back hot tears looking at my Amazing family in the crowd, so proud.

Front row sat all the Alumni/Instructions, Washington State Senator, Dr. Amit B. Singh, President, Edmonds CC, Kent Curtis, Senior Program Manager for International I.T. Services, The Boeing Company. The entire place was filled with interesting people.

After my Commencement speech, receiving my Degree and turning our tassel’s from right to left signifying our new status we cut lose! Kool an The Gangs “Celebration” played at high volume. Big Hug’s and Kisses, high fives, tears of happiness, along with yummy cupcakes were handed out. Pure gratitude with a cherry on top. I love my life.

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