Are you one of the millions of people who feel uncomfortable when someone gives you a compliment? I used to squirm when someone gave me a heartfelt compliment, especially if eye contact was involved. Hopefully this helps you receive the gift as it was intended.

First, a compliment makes more than just you feel good, the giver also feels good about that exchange. Giving and spreading positivity is infectious and we don’t want to be the cog in that system that fails.

Step One: Remember that its not just about you.
Step Two: Understand you’re worth the compliment. When you do something well, its OK to acknowledge it.

How do we handle the discomfort and awkwardness of responding? Do we give a quick compliment back or curtsy or ??

Step Three: Say thank you. Tell them you needed that boost. “Thanks, I needed that.” Then move on with your day or move to the next part of your conversation.

Step Four: Don’t be afraid to give them! When your passing someone in the hallway it’s OK to say something complimentary and to keep it pushing. Be that one person who always has nice things to say and be sincere! Look for things to compliment on in every person you come across, make it a game.

Hopefully this is helpful!

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