The prison population in the US is enormous. It grows by a little every year, with it, the cost of incarceration. Besides your friends & family being locked up and it costing anywhere from $20,000-$65,000 (depending on the state) to house EACH inmate annually, this also means that the yearly victim rate rises. Which is the real tragedy.

People are being hurt emotionally, sexually, physically, and financially. The task of ending this cycle seems monumental or impossible even. However, I would disagree. 

First of all, all things are possible. When you couple desperation with passion, maybe throw in a little shame, impossible suddenly becomes possible. Believe me. 

So here is some things that can be done to help with this cycle, by You. Because this will not end without you. It is not the responsibility of cops, or Senators or the President or the meth head down the street…they are but singular people. Besides, every criminal is someones son, someones daughter. I am NOT saying that “society” is responsible for rapes or murders or serial killers. I AM saying, however, that society can (and should) be apart of the solution. In fact if all of society cared as much about ending victimization as they do about legalizing pot or HOV lanes we wouldn’t have the problems we have today with prison crowding or record highs on victimization. Just sayin’

(Continued in part 2!)

Disagree? Agree? Weigh in on this conversation, you have a voice, let’s hear it.

With Love
Jeff Utnage