Building someone up isn’t this highly complicated and evasive chore. It’s a basic duty as a human being and a fantastic way to positively influence your environment and bolster your own self-esteem.

As LGBT people we can run into a lot of minor situations that hit our self-esteem. Bring it down in tiny amounts throughout our day-to-day lives. This isn’t just for LGBT people though.

We can change peoples lives by pointing out something positive about them. Particularly the people we interact with frequently. Then, its genuine and is usually received that way. A genuine compliment.

Some people don’t know they’re good at anything, or have a positive quality. You pointing it out can reinforce positive changes within that person. 

Building up your employees, children, spouse, or colleagues is extremely important not only for them, but for you as well. It sets the tone for what types of interactions you want with them. Interactions of love, trust, and openness. 

Telling someone that they have great customer service skills, or excellent management skills won’t deter your growth in any way. It will create an atmosphere around you where people are productive, happy, willing to please one another. All it takes is for you to create that. 

We all want to be good at things, help us out and tell us. Then the common factor in the happy environment is you…

With Love