5-Year goal plans. That’s how I’m giving back. Helping people hammer out their goals and then documenting them. I have a process that works, I made a “template” that works beautifully. What I have them start with is writing out their goals, all of them, if their is 10 or 100. Then we decide which ones can be achieved in 5 years or less. I use the template (my own 5 year plan) and have them fill in the blanks.

What happens, why this is giving back, is these guys wake up. Suddenly an epiphany occurs when they see their hopes and dreams turn into achievable goals and then evolve into realistic actions. A light comes on and they begin to live with purpose, direction. Suddenly, they care. Purpose soon follows, I have a model for that as well.

Want to write your own 5, 10, or 25 year goal plan? Want to discover your purpose in life? We’re talking confidence and security in your life, the confidence you’ll exude will permeate your environment wherever you go because you have purpose, and everyone will see it.

I can help. First steps on you, we can do it by email. Too good to be true? Then go through the process with me, see for yourself, if you like it, send me a little something, if you aren’t satisfied, don’t.

But I can help you.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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