Neo-liberalism has become a very important topic to me as of late. In fact, it has begun to shape me politically instilling very specific views that for most of my life I could care less about, like unionization and global trade policies.

But reading about neo-liberalism brings about other important terms like gentrification, race, and economic responsibility and how it affects the LGBT community.

The LGBT community has its own dirty problems. So long as your white and gay, living in your pretty little communities everything seems fine, as far as your concerned the battle for equality is minor compared to what it used to be. Every once in a while the LGBT marginalized, like felons or people of color, get graced with the presence of some guilty conscious queen when they see it might give them a little air time in the public space. Whoring out their presence in exchange for notoriety. Disgraceful.

I didn’t find neo-liberalism, it found me in a class I’m taking. I have dedicated the past 6 years to lifting up the LGBT community in prison to deal with their inner conflicts despite tumultuous circumstances. You know, be happy, don’t let them get you down type of stuff and readership on reflects the disinterest of such things. Now I know why, people being happy and tenacious while getting their rights stripped away is unreasonable. My fault. Up to this point I’ve been a cheerleader at a chess match, cute and well meaning, but more of a nuisance. 

In the face of gentrification and the upward transfer of wealth and elitist power the marginalized community within the marginalized community is suffering not only at the hands of nationalism and anti-state state policies but now we suffer at the hands of our own.

For the few that try, in the face of those who simply don’t care. 

You can expect a difference in my writings. As I get educated and become more aware of what the real underlying problems of our communities are, I get energized and fueled to do something about it.

The LGBT community should be highly concerned with poverty, racism, prisoners, nationalism and economic liberalism. 

Check often for updates to this!

With Love