I knew transitioning inside prison was not going to be all roses. But remaining the lie I was living as a man was brutal. I am a respectful, open woman and try to keep my life in balance. I don’t push my views on other people and those that have a problem acknowledging my transition, which are a bunch, I have given them a respectful middle ground to use. I’m good with that.

But there are those who are venomous. Who hurtfully spit my birth name, disregarding my legal name, Ruth Anne Utnage. They will publicly announce me as him, sir, that guy, Jeff or Mr. and they will do so out of spite.

Also, I am graduating College on June 6th. It is suppose to be a happy day but the college, Edmonds Community College, has not allowed me to change my name in their records because even though my name is legally Ruth Anne Utnage, DOC has kept it as my old name. Now my certificate will say the name of a person who no longer exists, they will call the name of a man to speak.

I am really struggling with this. Please, if you can offer me helpful advice… I could use it.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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Jeff aka Ruth Utnage 823469 D-610-2
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DOC: 823469
Name: Utnage, Jeff (though I am legally Ruth)

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