Kind of an obscure topic, I know. There is a valid subject here though. 

When we want something in our lives we will either allow something to stop us or we won’t. Let’s say you want a promotion at work, but in order to get it you have to be brutal, maybe a little “cutthroat.” Perhaps you want a particular man, only he’s married or otherwise involved. Of course, we can use less dramatic examples, like you want another cookie and there is only one left…

What I want to point out is that other people get to advance in life while some don’t. So far as I can see, the difference is how badly you want it. Ever dollar is already spoken for, right? Its not like there is a fortune just lying around waiting to be claimed. No, that money belongs to someone and in order to get it, you must take it from them. (not like stealing, but like selling them something or…you get the idea.)

It is like that in anything. Everything belongs to somebody. In order for you to gain, somebody must lose. To advance in business someone must lose a position, their money, their desk in order for another to gain it. When you buy a gallon of milk the store loses a gallon of milk but gains your money. In turn, you lose your money and gain a gallon of milk.

Now that you understand how I am relating things, let’s move on. When we give up something we are suppose to gain something equally as important in our minds. Like the price of a gallon of milk. You could not drink milk, but you choose to spend your money because you have decided the trade off is good. 
What about your happiness? What about your success? What about your children’s success, or your Mothers? I have learned that nobody walks up and hands you anything. You do not go through college and get handed a winning life. Everything has a gain everything has a loss. 

I have found that life, in general, is competitive. I have some boundaries I have drawn for myself (exceptions), I won’t hurt anyone. I won’t steal. I won’t lie. I won’t tear anyone down. I will not hesitate to viciously compete. I will not apologize when I gain what others have lost. I won’t turn my back on people who need help. I won’t quit when I feel things are too hard. 

All the easy fruit has been picked. Everything else from here on out is hard to reach, there is a reason everyone close to it is a formidable opponent.

So for everyone out there who is competing for successful, happy lives…I’m coming. You will be seeing me standing next to you in life’s grand arena. I won’t be mad if you win, I’ll be happy for you. I hope you show me the same respect.

With Love