I have been told that I cant write a book explaining what the Bible says about homosexuality. I can write about how its helped me personally, but I won’t be published by a publishing house unless I have a theological background or an established following. I don’t bring that up to complain about it, but to show an example. Now, before I go on, disclaimer: I respect theology, I believe current students of theology have good hearts and intentions. 
Theological studies are not important to knowing and understanding God. Just because some guy goes to a college somewhere doesn’t make him an authority on Gods will. It makes him an authority on mans doctrine. Particularly the doctrine of the college. Which means that whoever created the college or school has an agenda. Sorry, but it does. They believe their doctrine is truth. Cool, go for it. Just because you believe its truth doesn’t mean it is. Look at our current presidential candidate Trump, he has ideas he legitimately believes in, doesn’t mean their entirely correct though. Maybe they are, who knows. 
I don’t believe that a degree in Theology makes you bad or anything other then educated. Educated people are needed in the world, especially in the religious and doctrinal world. A place where degrees are coveted and relationships with God are more important and taken more seriously because you have a degree. See my point yet? 
You aren’t going to get anything special from God because you attended seminary school. Or because you have a degree in theology. Man certainly respects you, good for your habitation on Earth and in the flesh. Anyone who can comprehend can read the Bible and study its meaning. God never intended man to create doctrinal beliefs. Only Satan. Doctrines created divisions. Division is from Satan. I can learn to be a good Christian by establishing a relationship with Christ. Right? Anyone going to dispute that? No college degree is going to get me to heaven, right? Is it not believing in Jesus and His death and resurrection as a living perfect sacrifice for my sins, once, for all? 
Having established that in Gods eyes I am just as qualified to speak on His will as any other man, I’m going to. Honestly, I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to do so. My agenda is simple: I want people to know Gods love, and all of it. Gods love is unconditional. Got that? Here let me repeat it, unconditional. Now, I challenge any preacher or anyone else to tell me He doesn’t. I think this should be debated publically. Openly and honestly.
Perhaps more importantly, just because a guy gets a degree or stands on a pulpit doesn’t mean he is perfect. Don’t let any man tell you that your inferior or not good enough or to gay or any other garbage to get into heaven.
Believe that Jesus was real, believe He died and rose from the dead. Having trouble with that? No problem, just ask for help believing. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage.