The other day my buddy pulled out a book on Astrology. It had all of the calculations that one needs to see if you A) had the time and proclivity to go through all the math, B) the knowledge to decipher the craziness, and C) see A.

Since my schedule is fairly open at the moment due to my current situation I decided to sit down with my friend and figure out my star chart. With an open mind I gave him my birthdate (July 18th) and the time of my debut to the world (12:53 a.m.). Two and a half hours later, we had most of it completed.

Holy s#!t. I do not even know where to begin. The closest thing I can compare the results to was a blueprint of my soul. As we were reading the explanations of the degrees of planetary alignments, I was getting more and more uncomfortable. My personality was flayed open. A whole lot of life experiences such as travel, restlessness, strengths in interpersonal relationships, and a whole plethora of other things hit the bullseye. I have to say I am a bit unsettled…

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