Have you ever gone against your morals and values and regretted it? I did. It led me to prison and a lifetime of regret. Actually, it cost me everything and almost everyone in my life.

Defining my personal values and seriously taking stock of what I hold dear, like friendship, being loved and loving others, has been life altering for me. It helps make seemingly difficult decisions much easier. Like when someone presenting an opportunity to me trash talks one of my friends, do I take the opportunity or do I walk away and have my integrity intact? The choice was pretty easy for me, this was a real life example BTW.

Having values to hold to are really important. I value the people in my life. They see me. They see who I was and still choose to see who I am, who I’ve become and love me anyway. Being seen and loved for who I am means something to me. I’m loyal to that. I will forever be loyal to that.

There is so much room in my life for love. I want to give and receive love in abundance. It’s true that in my business life I am ruthless, no pun intended, I am icy even and usually make business decisions based on what’s best for the company and it’s long term success, I take that sort of thing seriously, but there also comes a point where my integrity and values lead my decisions as well. For me, this is a strength and will eventually be a huge asset to an organization, I lead with strong leanings on loyalty, integrity, and protecting relationships. This will lead to higher resilience in economic cycles.

It also leads to higher resilience in personal struggles. When people know you have values that place an emphasis on relationships, they reciprocate in kind. It pays to be first here. The reward is friends and community and the chance to give that to others, for me, is number one.

With Love