Hello my name is Renee Permenter. I am currently living in a transitional program for individuals releasing from prison. I released from prison after 11 years on July 7 2020. I have successfully completed the transitional program and now they have given me a few weeks to get out. The problem is… funding. I’ve only been out 9 months and I am realizing life hits hard out here.
I started my prison sentence very depressed and unmotivated. For the first couple years I did nothing. I sat around waiting for life to end. Then I had a wakeup call and when I answered, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to get myself and my mind right. So I began a metamorphosis process. Education and communication became my focus. It was not enough for me to just get through my prison sentence. I had to get out as the person I have always wanted to be.
So here I am a college graduate in business management with over 500 hours in communication trainings. I have a few college credits in environmental literacy. And I am a member of Toastmasters international where I have served on the board as the secretary and have completed the dynamic leadership pathway. Halfway through my sentence I finally gathered the courage to leave my closeted world of Narnia and came out as a trans female.
This was liberating to say the least. Since all of this has happened, life has never been better.
I am doing this go fund me because I have such a short amount of time to find a place and need to pay the first, last, and deposit for wherever I go. Anything helps. Please know that all donations are greatly appreciated.