Hello Jeff,

I became aware of your blog from the letter you wrote to Books to Prisoners. I must say your letter was very entertaining and I loved your use of the many colored gel pens. I jotted down the URL for your blog and have been reading through it at home. I have to say you have an intriguing insight into the world and the LGBTQ community's place within it. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that though not everyone outside your prison walls cares to hear what you are saying, there are still people who do.

I am currently taking Sociology 150: the study of social inequality at my local community college and I told my class and teacher about my experience with you letter and blog. I also provided them all with the URL to your blog and it is now posted on our class webpage for all to view. It may not be much, but I hope that I helped (even if a little bit) to get your voice more recognized outside those prison walls in order to support our community.

Please keep fighting for the LGBTQ community inside and outside of prison. I really do believe that you can make a difference someday.

With Love,
– V