I like to expose my flaws and then come up with creative ways to address them. I have an issue with self-esteem and confidence, well, had an issue with these. My solution was to experiment with my comfort zone, thus the “Head-Up Challenge” was born. Here’s the parameters:

For 30 days I walked with purpose, no matter what I was doing or how I was feeling I squared my shoulders and lifted my head. I practiced walking with good posture, my chin parallel to the ground and everywhere I went whether to a meeting or to the bathroom I walked like this.

I began on October 31st, 2019 and ended on November 30th, 2019, though I have much more confidence now and this walk (so to speak) is a natural occurrence rather than a “challenge”. Over my 30 days I had to continually remind myself to lift my head, even when the sunlight was in my eyes. I had strange moments where I lowered my head and eyes when someone passed me that I had to spend some serious time deconstructing why that was was I intimidated? Was I anxious? Fearful? I had to really ask myself in those situations what would happen if I kept my poise, “faked it until I made it”?

Over the 30 days people treated me different, which caused a chain reaction. Peoples postures changed around me, typically the shrunk, ever so slightly. It was odd to witness. Since I was so much more confident I took the time to really hammer out my life’s purpose, which I did. I renegotiated my goals, which I must say, I am very..very good at goal setting. It is by far my strongest attribute, strategic goal setting (if you want to make a life plan, I can help you write it, yes, from in here, we’ll do it by email!) and the wonderful thing is, I know it.

I challenge all of you low self-esteemers to spend 30 days, one month, walking with your head up, no matter what. That’s it. That simple. Good posture when you sit, walk and stand and never, never bow your head (unless you are engaged in some sort of event that warrants such a thing, like greetings in Asian culture, for instance).

I have written a paper on this where I break down the process and detail my findings. I am practicing social experimentation and documenting the results in preparation for college (grad degree). If you would like to read the full report, please contact me and I will send a copy, I might post it here in the next few weeks. But until then, you are welcome to see what I’ve written sooner by getting ahold of me, info below.

I’d love to hear about your results! Share them with me.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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