In ancient Rome and Greece where a form of modern civilization was prominent homosexuality was acceptable. Usually practiced by those who were wealthy and in power, a sign of success perhaps. Many of their sexual partners were slaves and were without choice.

Homosexuality was abundant back then and was in addition to a traditional marriage. It was never, to my knowledge, acceptable to marry another man as a man, or lesbian marraige. Only sex was accepted. 

Now we come into modern times here and its been the same way for thousands of years. Gays have sex and that’s it. Relationships between gays is somewhat new territory in a public eye. Though you and I know that isn’t entirely true. 
My experiences as a gay man have often been purely physical. Not always, but often. I have never been OK with just sex, but that seems to be the norm. Maybe its because of the ‘male’ thing. Men typically just want to park their boat in whatever slip is accessible first. Then leave as soon as possible.

I have to wonder though, if we have been used for sex for thousands of years and have almost never been able to be publicly open about actual relationships; has promiscuity been bred into us? I wonder about our brothers and sisters of the LGBT family. How many of us are dealing with handed down expectations that are harmful?

As human beings we crave long term companionship. LGBT people are no different. Maybe we have been so used to having to hide, that it is second and nature to pull a quickie somewhere, kiss and then leave quickly…until next time??
I am uncomfortable with sleeping around because of STD’s. I also have it in my head (where the value came from I am unsure) that being single is a sign of incompleteness, maybe even immaturity. Admittedly, I am no Saint. I fall in line with the standard here, there are times when I think about satisfying an itch and then moving along. I just usually don’t. Instead I settle for ‘handling my own affairs’.

I have a clock that is ticking. I want a relationship that I think is normal. Which is marriage, feeding each other crackers and cuddling on the couch. Warm sweaters and a beautiful home. (I think at this point I would be happy with employable! LOL!)

Whatever you do, just make sure its what YOU want. Some are happy with just sex, some are not. I just happen to believe that our bodies are temples, they should be treated with absolute respect because my temple houses the Spirit of God. That’s my belief, you do not have to agree with it, its mine. 

Be happy, think for yourself and treat others kindly.

With Love
Jeff Utnage