I’ll be watching the new “IT” tonight on the telly. I’d much rather watch weird sleazoid creeps on tv, than see it live here everyday. Living in a real life haunted house has become a constant undertow, a new norm. Most of the SYFY movies have played out in scores of unchecked gut punching disobedience, domineering, overbearing, irrevocable finger waging backseat drivers, ready at will to shout MUNITY, but run scared when challenged. My cell is like a fortified bunker, taking shelter from the local henchman, junkyard dogs, fending off goons and mutants . If given the opportunity, my wish would be to aim a water cannon at their filthy mouth’s ! Hey, I’m telling ya, when you walk among some of these dudes, it’s like walking barefoot in a sewer swamp, muddy bog, goo oozing up between the toes.

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