I am obsessed with neuroscience. I have studied it as much as books allow and use it often for self change.

The saying “fake it til you make it” actually has some scientific merit. When life is going down and you don’t know how to handle it freaking out doesn’t help, at all. Instead, try being happy, even when you are definitely not. How is that possible Jeff? Well, I wasn’t sure myself until I read a book “Flirting 101” by Michelle Lia Lewis and Andrew Bryant. They said that to get your best smile to think about a special friend coming to see you for the first time in a long time, how would you react to them as they were walking toward you? 

For me, it was my first real boy crush. His name was John. We were best friends. If I seen that 5′ 11″, ruddy man walking towards me I’d probably lose my friggin cookies folks. When I think about him I just smile.

Neurologically, when you smile there is an actual chemical reaction that engages your brain to begin sending signals to your body to adjust your hormone levels. This is important because it is your hormone levels that are largely responsible for emotions. So, think about someone amazing and smile sweetie. 

With Love