I am reading a book titled “The Wild Edge Of Sorrow” by Francis Weller that helps deal with grief. I have learned that grief is a normal, healthy part of life. For instance, when you see those ASPCA commercials of the shaking puppy and you feel heartbroken, that’s called grief. Over time this grief builds and we have no set release for it.

Other cultures have set rituals for this process. To release their grief as a community. Some drum around a fire and call on ancient deities, some burn Sage and Rosemary, some immerse themselves in the ocean, and some simply come together and vent. I realized that we Americans have buried ourselves in isolation and its negative side effects prevent us from our innate need to be a community.

We are designed for community, to come together in unity, to express joy together and sorrow. Instead, we want our own islands.

I don’t want my own island anymore. I want to be in a sea of people that I can experience life with. Quilt, dine, cry, laugh, wed, swim, soar, pray, smudge, workout, and binge eat with. You know, life.

Sounds amazing. I’m going to create that wherever I go, at work, my neighborhood, the grocery store…yeah.

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With Love
Ruth Utnage

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