As I’m sure you know by now I value free choice, connection, genuineness, belonging, appreciation, honesty, acknowledgment and consideration, but most of all, love through creativity!

Today at mail call my name was mentioned twice. Receiving mail is thee ultimate feeling. It invokes the feeling/memory of being a little dude, during birthdays opening up cards, receiving dollar bills but more importantly the yummy stick of gum surprise inside sometimes. My favorite was the light blue Wrigley’s, was that peppermint?

I ALWAYS do a little dance while singing a jingle receiving mail. To everyone that has sent me a card/letter/picture or book, your love, kindness and thoughtfulness is exceptionally infectious!

Thank you Liz and Paul for congratulating me on my academic success, encouraging me to DREAM BIG and to follow the path that beckons my heart. I can’t wait to come over there an visit with you, your the best!

Mike Boreson, your always so very encouraging most willing to send a cheerfully humorous card, even if it’s not my birthday. Thank you for taking a moment to make a difference in my life, and letting me know that you plan on coming to visit this weekend. What a privileged and honor to receive your whole families love and support.

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