OK, I love the hair on my head. But I don’t like it everywhere else. I used to just shave everything but that came at a risk. I cut my undercarriage with a razor and it landed me in the hospital when it became infected. Gross!
Scared I was going to nick myself again I let all my hair grow back, legs, armpits, arms…yuck. Now I can’t stand it so I carefully began shaving again. I just wanted to let all of you know bow lucky you are to have access to things like waxing and laser hair removal. Things like private showers. When I start shaving in here you’d think guys would leave me alone but inevitably they ask “What are you doing over there?”. Completely inappropriate and its embarrassing to tell them I am shaving my body. Not like its any of their business. 
Then comes the next question “why are you doing that?”. They usually laugh about it, they can tell I’m uncomfortable but because I am known for my honesty, transparency and my openness I answer honestly. I tell them I don’t like hair on my legs, that I don’t like it and it makes me feel to masculine. A trait I despise in myself. I don’t mind hair on my partner, this isn’t a sexual thing. Its a feeling, a confidence I get from feeling…right. When my legs are smooth and my bits and pieces are shaved and the only hair on my body is on my head and eyes…I feel better about myself. Mainly because it makes me feel more feminine.
There is just one little problem. Maintenance! I have turned into a plucking machine!! Holy jeez! I’ll be watching tv, or rather, listening to the TV and I’ll be plucking. Men are hairy and I have literally spent hours plucking my hands and feet and arms. Its tedious work that has become a labor of love. But it takes forever!
Maybe I need to start petitioning for a better hair removal system?

With Love, plucking happy!

Jeff Utnage